Stay sustainable this spooky season

Don’t let spooky season scare you away from celebrating sustainability. With the help of University of Kentucky Recycling, here are easy ideas for you to reduce your waste this Halloween.

  • Compost your pumpkins. pumpkins and gourds that are campus can be composted. If you have some decorations or events you’d like to compost, contact UK Recycling (recycle@uky.edu) to pick them up.
  • Reuse decorations. Unfortunately, a lot of spooky decorations are made of nonrecyclable plastics/material and are discarded as the holiday passes. Reuse your decorations each year to avoid waste. Bonus tip: Instead of buying new pumpkin carving tools, use knives/spoons you already have.
  • Stay sustainable at gatherings. Avoid single-use products like plates, cups or cutlery at Halloween gatherings. Remember you can recycle all cans and bottles as well as paper and plastic cups on UK’s campus.
  • Landfill wrappers and chip bags. Unfortunately, candy wrappers and chip bags are NOT recyclable at UK.
  • Thrift a costume. For last minute costume ideas, try thrifting for a costume, re-imagining what’s in your closet, re-imagining parts from an old costume or borrowing a friend’s old costume.

Katherine Johnson

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