How to Request Recycling Bins at UK

Is your office missing a recycling bin? Do you need to clean out your office? Then you need to contact UK Recycling. UK Recycling provides recycling services and containers at no charge to any UK Department in an effort to facilitate the university’s zero-waste goals.

UK Recycling utilizes two forms for submitting recycling requests: one for service and one for containers. The service request form should be used when an individual item, such as a battery or pallet, needs to be picked up from an area or when an existing container needs to be emptied. The container request form should be used when delivering a new container or removing a container. New containers can be requested either permanently or temporarily, such as for cleaning out an office (for more information about cleaning out an office, check out UK Recycling’s Office Clean-Out Guide). If you are submitting a container request, pictures are linked to help select the appropriate option.

How to submit a recycling request:

1. Select either the container or service request form.

2. Enter your name, department, phone number, and email address.

3. Indicate the building and room number of where the service or container is needed.

4. Indicate any special needs or additional details in the “Additional Information” section at the bottom of the form.

It is university standard to have a mixed recycling container beside every landfill container on campus. If you see a landfill container without an adjacent mixed recycling container, please fill out the container request form to have a recycling container placed at no cost.

Pictured: a mixed recycling container

As a reminder, Custodial Services empties the recycling wallhuggers and larger mixed recycling containers on campus, but individuals are responsible for emptying their desk-side recycling into one of the larger recycling containers.

Pictured: a desk-side recycling container

If you have questions or are unsure of your recycling needs, please contact the UK Recycling office at (859) 257-6234.

Elizabeth Hellmann

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