Cenergistic, a partner in sustainability at the University of Kentucky

Cenergistic is a self-funded conservation platform that transforms energy usage into a sustainable success story. Cenergistic commits to improving energy efficiency, create healthier buildings, optimizing existing equipment and increasing budget flexibility. The company, partners with UK’s campus to conserve energy throughout all campus operations. Through these energy conservation strategies, money saved can be reinvested elsewhere.

Essentially, UK Cenergistic monitors all of UK’s utilities, monitoring water costs, HVAC (air handlers, condensate meters, steam and more) costs, electrical costs etc. The energy specialists at Cenergistic each have assigned buildings across campus, which is integral to forming connections with individuals and staff. The energy specialists are then notified of any issues and able to step in, whether this be evaluating and fixing equipment or simply if someone thinks a room is too hot/cold.

Monitoring building costs equates to using online software to make sure that equipment is running as efficiently as possible, and routinely checks on physical equipment. The team conducts surveys and audits with campus buildings almost daily.

By working with UK Maintenance and Operations staff, Cenergistic employees make sure that all buildings are running as adeptly as possible. They perform data analyses on the savings and costs of all campus buildings, ensuring there are no gaps, and track the saving progress made. Cenergistic has been at UK for 5+ years and has made a substantial impact. 

Working as an intern I have gained a whole new understanding of the background that is energy conservation or “saving energy”. It seems so simple to say, “turn off the lights” or “turn the temperature of the AC up”, but in a huge system like UK, there is so much upkeep and monitoring that needs to happen to make any energy saving possible. These guys at Cenergistic know their buildings and know the standards, which is so important in making sure that energy is being conserved smoothly. This experience has provided me with knowledge of the energy industry, from data analysis to hands-on-observations and even more content creation. I have been able to photograph in new environments- which has been an exciting way to put my photography skills to something I am passionate about! This has been a great team to gain experience in the environmental and sustainable world with.

Grace Valvano, Cenergistic Intern

Katherine Johnson

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