UK Recycling to Host Sixth Annual Thrift Shop Pop-Up

UK Recycling is excited to announce its sixth annual Thrift Shop Pop-Up in partnership with Student Organizations and Activities and Wildcat Wardrobe! The Pop-Up shop promotes reuse on campus, helping UK to achieve our fourth Sustainability Goal: becoming a zero-waste campus.

Event Details:

When? April 9th, 2024

Where? The Student Center Ballroom A

When? 11am-1:30pm

Embracing thrifting is a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. All items at UK Recyling’s Thrift Shop Pop-Up have been donated by UK students, staff, and faculty in an effort to promote reusing clothes rather than perpetuating the cycle of fast fashion, and discarding items when they are no longer desired or needed. And here is the cherry on top: all items at the Pop-Up are FREE!

This event is open to all UK students. There is no cap on the number of items you can snag. Grab a friend, and we eagerly anticipate your presence at the event! There will be item selections available from casual campus wear, trendy spring pieces, and professional attire perfect for spring career fairs! Make sure to join us in supporting UK Recycling and sustainability efforts by cutting down on waste and looking stylish in the process!

Katherine Johnson

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