How You Can Stay Sustainable on Gamedays

Wildcats, University of Kentucky Recycling needs your help to bring sustainable practices to game days. 

Here are some ways you can contribute.

  • The Big Blue Recycling Crew makes practicing sustainability easy and fun for you and your tailgate crew. When you are tailgating, you should receive a tailgating kit from the parking attendant and/or find a crew member and ask them for a recycling kit. This kit includes a clear bag for recyclable materials and a black bag for landfill materials. Not sure what’s considered recyclable and what’s not? The Big Blue Recycling Crew has you covered! Included in the kit is an infographic of what can be recycled and what is considered landfill. 
  • At football games, concentrate on recycling glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, jugs and empty boxes. 
  • Along with the efforts of the Big Blue Recycling Crew, you can find large blue dumpsters specifically for recycling around the parking lot area where the tailgates take place as well as inside of the stadium. Additionally, as you get closer to the stadium, you will find big blue containers that are dedicated to recyclable materials.

“If everyone that tailgates and attends the UK football games does their part to reduce their waste and recycle as much as possible, it will help the university reach our goal of reducing the amount of waste that we are sending to the landfill and become a zero waste campus,” said Esther Moberly, the waste, recycling and trucking manager at UK. “Every person’s participation is important, and every bottle and can recycled makes a difference.”

Chelsea Colley

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