Reinventing and Reimagining a New Normal with UK HealthCare’s Tukea Talbert

We are working hard to firmly ground Sustainability at the University of Kentucky on a foundation of Justice and Equity. Our work to reimagine sustainability in this way requires engaging with people and perspectives from every area of our campus and community.

In this short and powerful video, UK HealthCare’s Chief Diversity Officer Tukea Talbert speaks to how this commitment to equity can be a light forward as we forge a stronger present that is built for a brighter future for all and informed by a clear-eyed understanding of how today’s challenges are rooted in the past. 

“As we reinvent where we are going…we have to understand and articulate – and also encourage people to self-educate – so that we understand the brokenness of the past normal”.

Tukea Talbert

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