UK Collects 7.3 Tons of Reusable Material in Spring Move-Out

This past May, during Spring Move-Out, the University of Kentucky’s Recycling Program was happy to re-offer the Give and Go Donation Station Program to all resident students on campus. Donation stations were placed in the lobby of every residence hall on campus for students to donate items as they prepared to leave campus for the semester break.

This year a total of 7.3 tons (14,600 pounds) was collected, a number UK Recycling was very happy with considering the unknowns of the semester due to COVID-19. Last school year, due to the beginning of the pandemic the program had been suspended. The year before (May 2019), over 9 tons of items were collected.

Since 2018, UK Recycling has been working on reaching the goal of having a waste diversion rate of 50% by 2022! For more information about UK Recycling, visit recycleblue.uky.edu or follow them on Facebook or Instagram @UKYRecycles.

Carlie Laughlin

Carlie Laughlin is a Faculty Programs Coordinator with the Office of Sustainability. She is also a graduate student pursuing her degree in Applied Environmental and Sustainability Studies.

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