Alicia Landon, Sustainability and the Environment Administrator

What can YOU do?

Improving the environment is a daunting task, but by each of us making small changes, we can make a big difference. The UK Tracy Farmer Institute for Sustainability and the Environment interviewed several faculty, staff, students, and community members to help advise us all.

Sophie Beavin, Student Sustainability Council

Dr. Rebecca McCulley, UK Department of Plant and Soil Sciences Chair

Jennifer Taylor, UK Office of Sustainability Graduate Assistant

Dr. Kelly Pennell, Tracy Farmer Institute’s Acting Director

Dr. Bob Sandmeyer, UK Professor of Environmental Ethics

Dr. Lauren Cagle, UK Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies

Cody Jones, UK Horticulture Club President

Carmen Agouridis, UK Extension Associate Professor of Bioenvironmental Engineering

What are some other ways you personally can improve our environment? Share below and discuss!

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