Sustainable Development Kentucky: Affordable and Clean Energy

The Energy Team is to thank for keeping the lights on at UK Healthcare and continues to make strides towards sustainability.

“The Energy Team is doing a tremendous work in our lockdown. With the campus vacant of most people except essential employees, we’ve been able to implement our “Holiday” setbacks on building systems like Air Conditioning we’d use for times like Spring Break where the spaces don’t need the same treatment as they would if people were here and using them. This has reduced our daily electricity load by significant amounts over the past 6 weeks, which will also contribute to budget savings and emissions savings. The Energy Team, such as the Delta Center and our Energy Specialists, as well as Physical Plant employees have played a major role in getting this to happen.”

Britney Ragland, UK Energy Manager

Here at WholeSum we want to challenge you to evaluate your one energy use! What are some changes you can make today to reduce your consumption?

Hannah Phillips

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