Tips for cycling, scooting in cold weather

Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to give up on cycling and scooting! But it does mean that you may have to make some modifications that allow you to continue getting around on two wheels.

Below are some tips for your cold weather commute:

  • Stay informed about changing weather conditions. Sign up for UK Alert for up-to-date information on campus closures and delays and allow extra time for your commute on snowy and icy days.
  • Remember that visibility is even more important during the winter, as drivers may not expect to encounter cyclists and scooter riders in cold weather. Wear bright, reflective outer layers and use front and rear lights or attach safety lights to your backpack.
  • Remember that it takes longer to reach your destination when traveling in less than ideal conditions. It takes longer to stop if roads or sidewalks are slick, or if your brakes are wet.
  • Take time to maintain your equipment! Road salt can damage chains and frames. Keep a brush handy to clean off snow and slush.
  • Bundle up! Choose your layers wisely.
  • Ride on clear pavement when it’s available. Cyclists shouldn’t be afraid to take the lane if there’s snow in the bike lanes.
  • Winterize your bike. Wide, knobby tires provide better traction in snow than skinnier bike tires.

Chelsea Colley

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