How to Make Sustainable Decisions

We understand that making sustainability-driven decisions may feel overwhelming. That is why we want to provide tips to members of our community who want to make sustainable choices and improvements.

Shane Tedder, Sustainability Coordinator for the University of Kentucky, is here to help beginners learn to make decisions that will positively impact the world around them. It is never too late to start living more sustainably, and it can start with your personal passions and choices.

Shane Tedder

Shane Tedder has served as the Sustainability Coordinator for the University of Kentucky since 2009. In this position he supports a wide range of programs and initiatives including serving on the President’s Sustainability Advisory Committee, the Faculty Sustainability Council and as the staff advisor to the Student Sustainability Council. His office is active in policy development and planning processes for the University and led the development of the University’s first Sustainability Strategic Plan. This includes an Implementation Plan for UK’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Commitment. He frequently guest lectures in a variety courses and works to make sure the campus of the University is available as a living laboratory for students and faculty.

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